Reflective Moments // Poetry Book Title Announcement

Last night, I had the opportunity to look back on my archive of drafts and published posts and it was really interesting in general; how much has changed since DAYDREAM MADNESS became a place for all things expressive and creative.

This blog has had numerous name changes in the past, quite a lot of theme changes and tweaks along the way but we all want our words to be displayed in our individual form.


I know it’s perhaps a weird name for a blog, but when I was younger, I found myself having these moments of deep thought about someone who ultimately became a main source of inspiration for me on a personal scale, so when I started to be serious about the aspect of writing, it just felt like the right choice of words to describe what I was rambling on about.

And now, years and years later, it’s a tender tribute to my past, not a bitter, resentful one. Sure, my previous work may come across the opposite but most of what I wrote is something I no longer feel the need to fully address.

Let’s just say that, I was feeling a lot of mixed emotions regarding certain people, and I found myself perhaps having a bit of a vent here and there. This is the main reason it’ll always be a personal blog, because this is me being honest about tough experiences as well as happy memories. There’s no front, I’m simply adding to my own story of life.

Even if this doesn’t evolve into bigger and better opportunities, I’ll still be forever grateful for this platform of expression, regardless of material gain or future things.

Not sure if I’ll be writing a post tomorrow but that’s why the app exists, I suppose.

Not sure if I should be *announcing* this at all right now but I’ll just say it…

Many people have heard me write about this SO often but I want to officially say that the title of my poetry book will be LAY YOUR HANDS BARE. At first I wanted it to have the same as my blog, but after enough consideration, I chose to pick something a little less repetitive. There’s no release date as of yet but I’m hoping for early 2018, it just depends on what I think is right. Patience is a virtue. And you can’t rush a personal creation.

Have a beautiful Tuesday night! Take care of you always.


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