Welcome To My Sanctuary Of Mind

I’m simply a young woman with a passion for poetry and writing, and it’s been this way for as long as I can remember. My goal is to publish a book of poems and share pieces
of my own being with others. And to inspire others to not give up on their dreams.

Depth is one thing, honesty is another.

In my opinion, that’s why I love the aspect of  creativity; it takes you beyond all of that.

Although it’s not always so, I certainly do acknowledge that pain is what shaped the outcome of my creative mind. Without my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am yet to see.

Without the events that had taken place, I never would have expressed myself in the way I did later on in life as I got older. You should take life and make it your own strength.

They say that creative minds never have a golden past, and honestly; they’re right.

All or most of my life, I’ve dealt with bottled emotions, I kept my pain inside and writing has taught me to speak up without feeling ashamed. It’s given me the voice
I never had before and I am so grateful to have grown from my experiences.

This blog is a place of self-expression, no boundaries of creativity as well as a chance for you to get to know the person behind the madness, thoughts and poetry that lingers on.


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