Gemini Season: A Time For Reflection

Happy belated 8th anniversary to my wonderful, little space on the internet: DAYDREAM MADNESS. It is now 8 years in the making as of yesterday, and life has certainly taken me on a wild journey of experiences, lessons and blessings. My heart feels immense gratitude for this blog, my sanctuary of thought, as I have always called it.

It has been a long time since I’ve wrote much of anything, but I do hope I have more time soon to write, think outside the box and just live my life to the fullest. Creativity has and always will have a special place in my heart, and my birthday is also around the corner, which is quite exciting.

On Tuesday, it’ll be five years since I self-published A Cryptic Human Entity, and I feel like it is finally time to start work on the next poetry collection. I already have a title in mind, with some previous hesitation, but it is now set in stone for me. I know I want it to be called this.

Expect to see more activity on DAYDREAM MADNESS shortly, and I look forward to starting this next chapter.

Mila. Xo


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