Writing Session #24

As my daily Writing Sessions will soon come to an end, I’m thinking of new ways to keep this blog updated with content. Whether it’s written, photographic or simply expressive, it’s always good to keep the motivation going. And, I enjoy writing so win-win. It’s a sanctuary for thoughts, as well as food for thought, looking…

Writing Session #23

Writing in the darkness of a room has always been my scenery of choice. The patience of thought, gradually expressed. Peace is the word. I am at peace with myself. Solitude does help you sustain it. That echo or a whisper, now simply a memory engraved in the mind.

Writing Session #22

Well, today has certainly been full of surprises and happy moments. I’m surrounded by a loving family, supportive friends, and that’s something I’ll never take for granted, ever. In the past, things weren’t always easy, but as time goes along, you definitely see it from other people’s perspective. Sometimes, it’s good. Sometimes, it’s not so…

Writing Session #21

Here’s a little poem I wrote just now. It’s untitled and a work in progress…   Solitude is a necessity, when your mind is louder than people, And a comfort for the soul, if lonely at heart The older, the wiser. Or perhaps, that’s a lie we tell ourselves? Wandering thoughts and lingering words All…

Writing Session #20

Writing for this second book is a little complex since I’m such a perfectionist and every little detail matters. Quite motivated, despite that. Heading off to bed soon, beauty sleep is calling me. A more in-depth post will be published tomorrow. Until then, take care! Xo

Writing Session #18

Today’s post will be a brief message of gratitude, reflection, positivity and most of all: personal thought.

Writing Session #17

Addictions can be hard to break, and it’s pretty much the same for bad habits. You learn a lot when you try breaking up with yours for 24 hours…

Writing Session #15

This is a late addition to DAYDREAM MADNESS tonight, but here goes nothing…

Writing Session #14

We’re almost halfway through October already, but that’s not always a bad thing