Bittersweet Monday

Life has an interesting way of getting your attention. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure. But, I’ll survive…

Found myself in one of those heavy thinking moments tonight. For every wonderful day, there’s always a less pleasant one to encounter.

Trying to stay on track, it can be tricky. Emotions are very complex at times, they can often creep up on you when you least expect them to.

I’ve always been quite connected to mine, a little too much sometimes.

My life has been chaos from an early age, which explains a lot. I also had high expectations of what being an adult would look like.

It’s safe to say, my younger self was naive. The more you learn about yourself and others, things don’t seem as great anymore.

Growing up is a sobering clarity like no other. You see that nothing is what it seems.

Adult life is simply another type of misery, joy, sadness, happiness.

I suppose, all you can do is try and navigate everything as best as you can, not be too difficult on yourself.

Maybe, I’m just nurturing my inner child, the wounded soul that simply needs to heal and blossom.

Mila. Xo


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