Bubble Of Creative Thought

Inspiration comes in the form of many different things. A feeling you can’t quite describe in enough words, but you still try.

Haven’t felt this inspired in a long time, which is so blissful yet strange, for that reason alone.

Finding that passion for creativity again, a kind of euphoric high you simply get lost in, when you’re in that bubble of creative thought.

Yes, I just mentioned my blog post title just now, please don’t judge me for this.

When you feel this good on a Monday, you appreciate every ounce of it.

I have a feeling I might write a lot tonight, or maybe just a few words at a time. Anything is fine.

Trying to update my laptop so I can start using my book making software again too.

For once, I might actually start with the visual aspects of this book first. Usually, the words get written before anything else, and then the artistic vision occurs later…things are seemingly changing and I don’t mind.

Mila. Xo


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