Peace In Finding The Right Words

It’s been a little easier to write and talk since that previous blog post, or should I dare say; my open letter to “you”.

Although it took a while to find the right words, my heart feels more at ease now. Sometimes you just have to be honest, it’s never healthy to suppress what is bothering you.

And in the end, once the storm has passed, you ultimately feel a little stronger.

That’s just life, I guess. A continuous cycle of scenarios, obstacles, challenges and bittersweet moments. But there’s also a lot of wonderful experiences that somehow coincide with the madness of it all.

Life is complex, but also worthwhile once you’re on the right path. It doesn’t happen overnight, yet change is constant, whether we notice it or simply ignore it. We simply have to make the best of our remaining time and presence.

Writing seemed easier today for some reason, so I took the time to update the blog as well as give you an insight into the thoughts of a complex human with good intentions.

Hard to believe I’ve been blogging on here for almost three years, where has the time gone?!

Anyway, I sincerely hope you all have a great Saturday! Take care and see you soon.


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