Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words

If there is anything life has taught me over the past few years, it’s that actions really do speak louder than words. This is not ideal for most of us, but for the majority, it’s a vital part of self-growth, a test of our strength as an individual, but sometimes we really need a good wake-up call in order to move forward in our lives.

And honestly, that’s something you gradually open your eyes to, in times of clarity and patience with one’s self. I mean, anyone can tell you what you want to hear and any person can easily believe it. Just because it has been said, doesn’t mean it’s truth.

Lying has never been easier. Whether it’s big or small, or it causes havoc or not in one’s situation. That’s the scary thing about people’s free will, we choose to be liars, we choose our words, we choose it all. That’s one thing that stands true. Our actions say a lot, more than empty words and promises ever will. Sad, but it’s true. At least for most of us.

Everything we do, we do willingly in life. Some things change us for the better, and some things change our life in the worst way. How we choose to proceed next, in the present and future, is an unpredictable and complex situation.

But, if for once, we took the time to analyze what’s behind the lines, we could find a large amount or little, of inconsistency; If we dig further and we do our research. We should always, or mostly, listen to our gut instinct, and we should never give up on our pursuit of the truth.

And in many instances in life, we will see the ugly truth. Whether it all happens for a reason or not, it’s hard to tell. There’s a big difference between making one mistake and choosing to repeat that, over and over again. I wish certain people understood that. 

There are good times, bad times and the ugly reality. How we choose to handle them, only time can tell. Being human, we can react harshly or we can react in some other tone.

Not every person reacts in anger, some react in sadness, or they’re numb and lacking closure about the obvious.

Betrayal is something we never get over, we can talk it out like adults, and we can forgive each other and try to make it work, but the truth is, it will still be on the back of our minds.

It’s the same with little lies, big lies. Being honest with one another, it requires effort on both parts, not just one. That’s something people often ignore or blank out.

Do we give up or really work on ourselves and our relationships with people?

Without mutual understanding or trust, there is no common ground between two, or even many. And to be honest, we should treat others how we as people want to be treated too. It’s not that hard to understand, but of course, some of us have a different way of thinking in regards to this.

I end this post by saying that you should never take anything for granted, remain honest with yourself and others, no matter how difficult it might be.



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