Writing Session #12

Friday the 13th is ahead of us. I don’t know about you, but I feel okay about it. Used to believe all myths, stories etc, the list simply goes on. One thing you learn as you get older is: Don’t exactly listen to everything people say. Well, we’ll agree to disagree for now.


I really should post earlier, but a lot of stuff distracts me during the day, not to mention, my lack of a good sleep routine. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever not look like a zombie in the morning. That’s the story of my life, right there. How funny?

Well, I’m tired. Not sure what to write about next. Comment a few suggestions, thank you and have a good night! I’ll be in bed, dreaming away the madness. Pun intended.


(Wow, I suck at these)


One thought on “Writing Session #12

  1. I don’t really listen to what people say around every time.
    BTW, Friday the 13th got me to pick Mommy home. And it was wonderful! 🙂


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