After over 15 hours awake, you start to feel slightly hyper and sleepy at the same time.

Not sure how long I’m going to be up, but I wanted to just write a quick post and keep my blog up-to-date. The best thing about today, is that it inspired me to think of my second book’s title.



The best things in life are free, I think I’ve understood that a lot recently. Being surrounded by the people you love is what it is about. Most things can be taken for granted sometimes. Learning the importance of balance, love and self-care is such a vital part of you. Clarity and time certainly helps. Well, I’m off to bed. Sleep well and be happy.

Welcome to DAYDREAM MADNESS, my sanctuary of thought and peace of mind. A personal blog with a difference. I'm Mila, the creator/writer behind the scenes. Join me on this journey of self-growth, emotive reflection and occasional poetry from yours, truly.

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