Writing Session #13

People often associate bad luck with Fridays and the number 13, but personally, I like to think beyond the lines of myth. You know what the weird thing is? Today has also kind of influenced my title creating skills. I seem to have gotten better at it. High-five to all of you!

Tonight has been mellow. Of course, a little hectic because I’ve been babysitting my younger siblings and that, but it’s all peaceful (for now). Noisy kids definitely make you appreciate solitude and quiet rooms. I should give meditation a go, might help me relax.

My blog posts perhaps aren’t too exciting or interesting for people to read, but I tend to think of this as my little journal of documented thoughts and opinions.


Over the past year, I have found myself a little more at ease with posting on a regular basis, instead of just once weekly or monthly.


In the near future, I hope to be better at this blogging strategy as time progresses on. Well, one can always aim for bigger and bolder techniques and writing skills, am I right?

Have a safe and happy weekend, everyone! Next post will be up tomorrow. See you then!



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