Writing Session #10

Tomorrow is going to be stressful, I can already sense it. Here I am, writing late and trying to get an endless list of chores completed before midnight. And writing this post was kind of a must, since I promised to write one every day for the entirety of October…

Not sure what everyone else is doing tonight, most of my days and nights are spent either taking care of family or writing for my upcoming book, not exactly an exciting life to have, but it feels good to do things I know will benefit others. Wouldn’t be where I am now in terms of sanity and clarity if it wasn’t for them. As well as my friends, I adore you.


Contemplating whether or not to create a poetry based website, or to simply stick with this one and see how it all goes along in time. Not sure what I’ll do, but I am sure I will tell you all about my plans soon. I have so many ideas, but knowing where to start can be a little tricky.


Well, have a wonderful night, everyone. May your life be filled with love and harmony.




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