Writing Session #5

Tonight’s writing session will be a little different. Perhaps shorter is how to put it lightly.

Since I haven’t written a new poem in what seems like ages, I thought I would give myself a challenge for tonight. Always looking for different ways to inspire myself, as well as to keep my creative brain in shape. There are days where I have complete writer’s block which either frustrates or pushes me to snap out of it within 24 hours, literally no in-between.

For tonight, I wanted to post a tiny poem called, “By The Hand”

Depth between the lines
An observational point of view
You were a ghost to many
But loved by me


  1. Jayant KASHYAP says:

    This poem is beautiful, and indeed! very relatable.
    The way you love someone, be them not a celebrity, but they’re a celebrity to you after all!


    1. Mila says:

      Thank you for the lovely words.


      1. Jayant KASHYAP says:

        Let your hands keep writing always, better and ever better!
        My words shall get lovelier, as you ever do deserve!


      2. Mila says:

        I truly am grateful for this friendship.


      3. Jayant KASHYAP says:

        I’m there too!
        Cheers! 🙂


      4. Mila says:

        Cheers to that!

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