Writing Session #4

Excuse the lateness of #4. I found myself distracted earlier and well, as last minute as it obviously is, content is still as meaningful as when I put together stuff for days on end.


I was going to post a poem, but let’s just stick to basic material for the entirety of this one. There is no doubt that #5 will be more spectacular than what I’ve decided to ramble on about this evening.

Found myself thinking about plenty of complex scenarios in my head. It’s somewhat a nightly regime; nostalgia, you, repeat. A harmony and melancholy lack of balance within sight. Not entirely sure what this actually means, but keeping my shoulders free of emotional weight in regards to the night.

Not much to add, I’m afraid. But I will be back tomorrow with better words! I promise! Until next time, fellow night writers and blog readers.

Also, fun fact: song of the night is Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie. Kind of the main reason for the header choice. What’s your song of the night? Do share.



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