Writing Session #6

As 2017 comes to an end, with each day that passes us by, I’ve found myself longing to write a list of new resolutions for the coming year. But, that blog post won’t be making an appearance until mid-November or December time. Time will tell, what I have to say.

I am feeling positive about many changes that have occurred in the personal aspects of my life. Wouldn’t be in the place I am now, if it wasn’t for the incredible opportunities and the people who made them possible. Forever grateful, in all my heart’s entirety.

Writing a lot helps me keep a clear head. Not as overwhelmed or stressed. Getting decent sleep has been wonderful. Of course, there are days and nights where I have a little extra time to listen music and embrace the quietness of the house at night, because come on, who wouldn’t love the chance? Typical necessity for an introverted poet with capacity of mind.

Anyway, it’s not often I write this early in the day. Perhaps blondes do have a lot more fun? (Oh yeah, the pink is gone and it’s surprisingly platinum for one lightening process)

I would post more than once daily, but for the rest of the month, I thought it would be better to stick with these Writing Sessions of mine for now. Really enjoyed the idea of writing each and every day. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Always open to suggestions in terms of this blog. You can always click on the Contact Me page displayed on DAYDREAM MADNESS. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday. See you all soon! Xo




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