Writing Session #3

Looking forward to Friday. I can kiss goodbye to pastel rosé hair and hello again to (hopefully) light blonde.


People often think I’m weird for constantly changing mine, but since the age of 17 or 18, when my first hair bleaching experience was, it opened my eyes to the many opportunities of personal change. Of course, foolish as I was, a lot of damage occurred that day.

But, as I’ve gotten older, I have found amazing products that I swear by for good hair health and colorful experimentation. We all have stuff that feels like it was made for us in mind.

Definitely can’t say no to vibrant & exciting color hues. Expressive introvert! That’s me…

For me, it’s another form of self-expression. Apart from writing poetry and having my personal blog, I’m also quite fond of cooking. A therapeutic release if I have a stressful day or long night.

What cheers me up the most, if I’m having a rough day, is pancakes. Found myself making a few earlier and they’re just too great! Best thing to add, definitely vanilla sugar.


Anyone who wonders what that is, it’s something they sell in Sweden, where I’m originally from.

Nothing better than a peaceful night to write. I’m hoping to make a start on my second book quite soon. Not going to rush any plans though. But, knowing you can do something is truly wonderful.

You can find a preview of my book here











2 thoughts on “Writing Session #3

  1. Well, haha! Mil!
    Hope you cook good non-veg 😉
    For the while though, because you just talked of another book, I’ve bright suggestions for you (knock me up once you find yourself free enough).

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