Writing Session #2

Hello and hey! Tonight’s topic will be about consistency.

I often find that my blog lacks it, especially since there’s no particular time frame or decent times in which most of the stuff I do actually produce, gets published on here. This frustrates the perfectionist side of my personality.

Often, I find myself thinking of ideas for blog posts, I talk about them a lot, then for some reason, most of them won’t be acknowledged until the later hours, or as I like to call them, “the Midnight Owl hours”.

I really want to set-up a new blog, called The Midnight Owl, but my motivation in terms of doing so is quite low at the moment. But, if anyone wants me to pursue it, go ahead and tell me because I am always looking for motivational reasons for doing something new, fun, different.

The one thing on my list of things to do, is: I really want to buy a camera. Yes, it’s fun to browse Google and find cool photos, but my personal blog needs that personal touch, which makes me want to dabble in photography, learn a thing or two about taking interesting shots and hopefully, show them to you in due course. Stay tuned for more information regarding this. I will do it, just not sure of when or how I will do all this yet.

Promised I would stick to my Writing Sessions concept for the rest of the month, and keeping that promise, I shall! Who knows, it might inspire to write more and a lot more consistently in the near future. It doesn’t have to end in October, although, new and fresh content/topics will surely keep DAYDREAM MADNESS on its toes, creative wise for the most part.

All I can say more is, never give up on your dreams. If you have thoughts to spill, ideas to pitch, stuff to do in terms of making your ideas a reality: DO IT. As long as you’re happy with how things go, that’s all that matters. Of course, it varies, depending on what you like to do and your way of doing it.

ALSO, it’s officially been a week since I self-published my first collection of poems, called LAY YOUR HANDS BARE. Not sold many copies just yet, but I never imagined I would complete it so soon. But I did, and couldn’t be happier. Proud of myself for having the courage to do it at all. For years, it seemed like a distant reality, but now it’s actually true.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Session #2

  1. Well, another post!
    I apologise, for I know I have been late, but then, I’m here after all. Haha
    Talking ’bout a camera, yes! I’d say that you must, really, you must!


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