Infatuation; Don’t Lose Your Head

Every person will encounter lust and infatuation at some point in their lives,
but knowing where to draw the line is another story.

It feels like your head is up in the clouds with the stars as your companion.
You mistake this sensation for love when in reality, it’s really not.

Those butterflies will die out. Your bubble of lust will pop sooner or later and you’ll feel your heart’s rhythm once again. I’m not saying that you should be miserable.

However, I’m saying that you should be cautious about what you let go to your head.

That’s one thing I now understand: I wasn’t in love with you, but the idea of you being perfect. Your flaws were nowhere to be found, it was like staring in a magical mirror.

Infatuation is not love. It’s a trance you find yourself lost within. A feeling of euphoria and excitement, but it’s all very short-lived once your head’s in the clear.

Clarity is a journey. It’s a sobering effect. Takes patience and time but you’ll reach your destination. Better to be independent than in the wrong company, no matter how perfect it might seem. Let your mind not wander too far away from reality.


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