Muses & Archived Emotions

Wanted to share a poem with you today. This will be in my poetry book when it’s finally published. Title & release date is yet to be announced but this piece will give you a clue if you read down the starting points. Or perhaps it already sounds familiar?


This piece is called “MUSES & ARCHIVED EMOTIONS”

Darling eyes with cold hands,
All she wanted was to feel the sparks
You’ve made a lasting impression.

Dusty roses in the place of affection,
Run before you get your heart broken.

Each nostalgia trip is heavier than the next,
As it flows through your veins continuously
Masking the flawed intentions of lust.

Memories of an episodic affair come to mind,
A desire for love at a cost of one’s clarity at best
Destined to place spells upon hearts galore.

Nostalgic for a time, forever touched
Entirely smitten as my heart can’t deny.

Sunset covers my tracks,
Still, I can’t seem to forget.

(This poem will be in a different font when published in the book.)

Feedback would be highly appreciated. Like any writer, I’m not claiming to be perfect at this whole expression department, but poetry has always been a love of mine from a young age. Plus, it’s a good outlet, on an emotional and creative level too.

Mila xo

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