Personal Blogs & Forget Me Not’s

The definition “personal blog” has always intrigued me. Before I created my own, it was hard to know which category mine would fit. Certainly wasn’t lifestyle or beauty related.

Do I consider my own to be a personal blog?

“Yes! For a variety of different reasons. I mean, speaking about things you are passionate for is what makes the blog personal, right? And of course, being honest is what makes your blog different in a positive way. As long as you have boundaries when you write online etc.”

Three things to know about my published posts on WordPress:

  • Everything I write is from the heart, unless stated otherwise by myself.
  • Most subjects discussed are based upon my own personal experiences.
  • Authenticity is what makes a blog stand out from the many others.


Once people connect with your words, they’ll want to know more about what you have to say. And that’s something I hope to achieve in my lifetime. Not sure if it’ll work out as one hopes but you can always think big and aim bigger. Let nothing stand in the way of that.

Mila xoxo