Creativity On The Agenda

So, another month begins. How normal yet hard to believe since we’ve just had June start up and all of a sudden, it’s gone. I’ll never understand why time goes by as it does but that’s the whole mysterious aspect of life, one might think. Regardless, the faster time is going, the quicker I need to get stuff done. Not in a “let’s rush things more than needs” but there’s a lot that needs to be completed before 2017 completely disappears on us all.

My book is still very much a work in progress. Trying not to stress myself but at the same time, you start getting impatient when you can’t focus on what you love for various, personal reasons. They say you should never rush a piece of work because you’re anxious about it taking so long to finish. On one hand, they’re absolutely right but, on the other, you worry that it’ll never be completed, ever. I suppose that is my ultimate fear as a young writer. And to be honest, this has nothing to do with making other people since it’s such a personal project and I want to put all of my heart into it. Discouragement can definitely have an effect on you from time to time but you should never let it stop you from making rational decisions about your art. It should be how you want it to be and even if takes 5 years, so what? At least you made a good choice. Not many want to wait that long which I completely understand too. Writing is very much complex encounter with words. You love it but you loathe how much of a perfectionist you become all because of it. It’s not a hobby for most, although for me personally, it’s not a full-time job either.

My dream is to be able to publish and just feel content with that I’ve created, because let’s be honest, most writers will write until their hands are numb and most times, still not be happy with the outcome.

They’ll edit the hell out of their work but to no avail. What I tend to do is not write at all whenever this happens. Not an ideal situation for anyone but sometimes you need time to recollect your state of mind.

We can’t and should not let things consume us to the point of despair. We should live in the moment and take inspiration as it comes. Many things will drive us mad and many things will bring out the happiness within us.

But in which order that all occurs, we’ll never really know until the due moment.
I’m sure many people have a better way of dealing with this but each to their own.

This is probably one of the longest postings on here but we all need a place to speak at times, even if it’s about really strange or random things going on in our lives. But hopefully, I’ll make something great out of this little sanctuary of mine in the future.

I remember thinking, “this blog will never amount to much”, but to my surprise, it’s going well. Almost too great for comfort. That’s about it for the day. If anyone wants to add feedback, or anything at all, you can. Until the next post, have a great Saturday!

What are you doing this weekend?




3 thoughts on “Creativity On The Agenda

  1. So, Mil! Indeed, a fear stands there. But, fear not! You have friends with you; you have me there too.
    Believe me! Take as much time as you think it needs. So, worry not, Dear! Your work won’t stop, all it may do is take a little longer.


    1. Thank you for this comment. Not sure if you’ve read the e-mail I sent you but nonetheless, this means a lot to me. Same goes for you too!


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