Midnight Talks With Mila

This post is a little too random but that’s me. You either love or loathe me.

There is no in-between. Just ask my ex. Or simply don’t.
NEVERMIND. I’m just a ghost in their closet now.

But the point is, I’m comfortable sharing things on here.
And a little awkward at times so I’m sorry.

Might have to edit this post later since I’m currently typing it out on the WordPress mobile app. Too sleepy to use my laptop and too hyper to think straight.

Big chance I’ll be falling asleep soon though.

By the way, I recently created an e-mail address for blog purposes and so forth.
If anyone wants to contact me, feel free to.


Find me at nostalqicblog@gmail.com

Thank you for reading. Follow me for more random and honest posts like this. Xo