Being honest with yourself is hard sometimes. Ultimately, you will thank yourself for it.

Take a moment. Write down your feeling of the hour. Let your guard down for a minute.

It’s not easy but we all need an outlet. I know I’ve found mine with this little blog of thoughts. Promised myself that I’d update on a more regular basis from now on so here I am with my thoughts for all to witness. You’ll most likely see the good, the bad & the ugly, dark parts of mind that I don’t even like to acknowledge. But that’s the parts that make me a human being.

Yeah, bad days happen. We fall a whole bunch of times before we learn how to get back up again. Taking every day as it comes simply because you’re afraid that your happiness will be short-lived.

We all have our different ways of coping. Some of us never truly heal emotionally.

If you know someone who’s dealing with a tough issue, listen to them, don’t let them suffer in silence. Take care of the ones you love, because life isn’t forever.

Mila. xo

Welcome to DAYDREAM MADNESS, my sanctuary of thought and peace of mind. A personal blog with a difference. I'm Mila, the creator/writer behind the scenes. Join me on this journey of self-growth, emotive reflection and occasional poetry from yours, truly.

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