Feelings Of The Hour

Being honest with yourself is hard sometimes. Ultimately, you will thank yourself for it.

Take a moment. Write down your feeling of the hour. Let your guard down for a minute.

It’s not easy but we all need an outlet. I know I’ve found mine with this little blog of thoughts. Promised myself that I’d update on a more regular basis from now on so here I am with my thoughts for all to witness. You’ll most likely see the good, the bad & the ugly, dark parts of mind that I don’t even like to acknowledge. But that’s the parts that make me a human being.

Yeah, bad days happen. We fall a whole bunch of times before we learn how to get back up again. Taking every day as it comes simply because you’re afraid that your happiness will be short-lived.

We all have our different ways of coping. Some of us never truly heal emotionally.

If you know someone who’s dealing with a tough issue, listen to them, don’t let them suffer in silence. Take care of the ones you love, because life isn’t forever.

Mila. xo


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