Blog-A-Versary & Upgrading Mine

Today has been wonderful to say the least.

And WordPress also reminded me that it’s the second anniversary
of my blog which makes me even more excited to be on here right now.

Also, I finally upgraded my site to a personal/paid plan. Well, it was the cheapest they had but well, that’s hardly a bad thing, considering the fact that my blog is basically a personal one and I simply enjoy writing on here. Can’t believe it’s been two years.

I want to personally thank every person who has ever believed in me and my horribly cliché poetry and sometimes very messy thoughts because five years ago, if someone said I’d stick with a blog and obtain a domain name for it, I probably would have thought you were kidding. Although I was planning to post tonight, I wasn’t exactly planning to speak about this. Better some inspiration than none, right?

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5 thoughts on “Blog-A-Versary & Upgrading Mine

  1. Congratulations, Mil!
    You reached another step, and a big one indeed! 🙂
    A long way to go, so keep breathing. Keep yourself inspired. 😀

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