chapters of your story to be written

This is not exactly my typical post on here. Often enough, it’s about deeper things and my thoughts regarding them. As much as this is an emotionally involved piece of writing, it is of a wonderful kind.
Last night, after many months of counting down the days, I finally saw Ariana Grande live for the first time and it was the best hours of my life. Her special guests/supporting acts were incredible too. Victoria Monet & BIA did an amazing job, plus, it was like going to three concerts at once. For someone who had never been to one, this certainly will spark my interest in going to more. Well, my second is already booked, but even if that wasn’t the case, I don’t think I’ll ever look back on stuff like this from now on. A good way to cherish my last days as a 21 year old. Usually not the kind of person to be overly excited or in awe of anyone in the music industry, but some people are incredible at what they do and Ariana is one of them. Although I don’t have many photos and not many videos, I’m truly glad that I had the chance to see her at least once in my lifetime…

As much as I love documenting little details of poetry and life, I also like to simply express my love and respect for the many things and people who inspire me on a daily basis. It is things like that which keeps you in sync with what matters to you on a personal scale. Not the material quantity but the overall quality of the life you have lived and experienced, the memories you have yet to create and the memories and moments that have already made a lasting impression. What is yet to come, one can only ponder and think about. I do believe that is what living is about, filling in the pages of your story.


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