our mind likes to wander


This post should have been up ages ago, well…the original piece I didn’t finish writing up.

But to me, it felt too depressing and I don’t necessarily want my blog to be a downwards spiral of emotions. Speaking from the heart has always been my goal, but there are many occasions where I simply don’t feel comfortable with my own thoughts. It can definitely feel like a dark cloud over your head 24/7 and it’s just not pleasant for me or any other.

I truly hope March is better than February, because so many chaotic things happened and it just puts you off from enjoying the year ahead. Or, at least; the last nine months of it.

When it comes to writing, inspiration comes and goes but I try and not dwell on the lack of inspiration in one’s life, otherwise you become quite obsessed with checking your drafts.

Also, recently, I started taking an iron supplement each day and it’s been making me sleep at a better rate, so it’s not often that I’m awake late at night anymore, not sure if that’s a good thing or a weird one but let’s talk about it on a later date in the near future.

Friday can’t really come quickly enough. Take care and remember…you’re wonderful!



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