life as we know it to be…

We don’t cherish our sleep until we’re lacking the energy from lack of it. I find this increasingly true, the older I get. Oh, the joys of being an adult or like I call it…

The end of fun as we know it to be.

Sure, we become independent, we pay our own bills, we learn to drive, we get to earn money and have an okay life in general. But I wish people told me of the stresses that would come along with these perks.

Sometimes the disadvantages can outweigh the good.

I now understand the hard work our parents went through to ensure we had a good life; food in the fridge, a ride to school, textbooks, pocket-money, chores, house rules.

Never take your parents for granted. Trust me, you’ll be grateful for

Appreciating all it took to make sure you grew up to be loved, nurtured and content is so important as you become older and life becomes a little challenging. I know, parents don’t always know best, and at times, it can feel slightly intimidating, but they were young once, so I hope they understand. They don’t know the solutions to all of your problems, although I am sure they will try their best. However, as I say this; not all parents are the same, some can be more blunt, some can be more supportive. It depends whether they’re strict or more open-minded.

When it comes to life, nothing worth having is easily found.

“The road to adult life is probably the most complicated of all, but following your instinct, knowing in your gut that this choice or this decision is a good one, is what matters; regardless if it ultimately becomes an obstacle. You have the power to overcome this obstacle and proceed onto better and brighter things in the future. If you get through this, you can get through anything.”


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