the reality of injustice



Does it even exist anymore or are we blinded by the ignorance of society?

This is exactly why people don’t report crimes, the authorities are not listening to the voice of the ones who need the help. At this point, I am literally appalled by it, and don’t even get me started on the lack of empathy. What are you getting paid for? You’re in this position to make a difference, not to make others feel bad for what the other person did.

I understand there’s many wonderful people out there who are making a difference and it’s something to really be grateful for, but too many errors are currently within the system and something needs to be done about this, I feel strongly.

Didn’t really plan to post this blog entry but this evening has been a difficult one and seeing one’s mother cry is painful. Excuse the rant but I am so sick and tired of the constant targeting. Wow, it feels good to vent. In advance, sorry for this.

One thought on “the reality of injustice

  1. Writing is the best way to get things out of your system. And I kind of agree with your post, I try to hold on to the idea that for every idiot doing something stupid there are ten good people doing something amazing.

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