poem: episodic affair

It was inevitable that I’d fall for you; ever since our eyes met, I haven’t been able to rest.

An episodic affair, brief encounters of hearts, wrapped in lust and adrenaline rush, laced with love that haunts like an echo. In that moment, you could feel the sparks tangle and entwine.

Nostalgia lane takes me back to a flawed bridge with good intentions, but regardless of a perfect direction and clarifying guide of mind, I’m only calm if you’re holding my hand.

Stained love; placebo effect like the undying affection of a porcelain coffee cup embraced by your lips in the earliest of mornings, maybe this is heaven on earth as we recall, or at least a small fraction of it. If needing you is wrong, perhaps I don’t want to be right anymore.


2 thoughts on “poem: episodic affair

  1. “If needing you is wrong, perhaps I don’t want to be right anymore.”
    I mean, really, WOW!
    Nothing else to exclaim.
    Thank you for providing me with a wonderful piece to read. 🙂

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