moment to one’s self


Photo credit: VA State Park Staff.

Really wanted to update this blog a few days ago, but my schedule clashed and it wasn’t an ideal thing. I find myself cherishing the weekend more than ever because of the┬áchance to be on here, as well as having a bit of time for myself. Putting other people first all the time can leave you feeling isolated and exhausted; sometimes, you forget that you’re a person and that everyone needs care at times. Otherwise, how does a human function properly?


Been trying to pay off debts, sort out bills, technical problems and my eating habits, but that is surprisingly hard to do when you’re stressed to the point of nausea. Literally.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday, regardless. Hopefully life isn’t too rough.

Going to stay in bed for a while, until I have to be productive once again.

Not really, but you understand that.

The less you know, the less you feel suffocated by life and the chaos surrounding every person.


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