here’s to independence and you


photo credit: Tyler Merbler via Flickr.

It’s officially Valentine’s Day…or as I like to call it: self-appreciation day for the women (and men) who are currently not attached by the heart, or simply content with life.

Let me start this post off by saying that being single is okay, being in a happy relationship is also a wonderful thing, but not many are fortunate enough to be in that position just yet.

But eventually, it will happen and maybe next Valentine’s Day, you’ll be with that special someone. Until then, don’t worry about being on your own because you are not; you are surrounded by people who perhaps are in the same boat of life as you currently, and of course, you will always have yourself as a person.

There’s a difference between filling the void and feeling incomplete because of a lack of emotive connection with someone. It’s always better to be on your own than in the wrong kind of relationship.

Emotions have a funny way of expressing themselves, which can lead you down the wrong path, it’s in our nature to follow the heart’s yearn for affection but it’s also important to remind yourself that there’s more to life than having a relationship to talk about to everyone and cheesy posts to display once a year.

Love is about learning the traits and characteristics of the person you love, and to create memories that you know will last a lifetime.

But in this age of society, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos leading up to this very particular day. Appreciate your loved one/s every day, not just because a national day tells you to.

Have a wonderful day, all of you; single or attached.


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