scale of events


As of late, eating lots of junk and weighing myself too often has been the highlight and backfire of 2017 so far. On one hand, I am determined to lose the weight, but at the same time, there are days where all I want is to indulge until my stomach hurts. This has been a threat to the so-called dieting plan; but also, a trigger for the lost girl inside my soul.

Conflicting thoughts can have a serious impact on your choices and I’m sure whether it’s a comfort zone or straight-down denial. To me, personally, it feels like a combination of both. It’s unhealthy to be this weight but it’s also unhealthy to restrict in order to become a shadow of your former self. Not saying weight loss is a bad thing, but how we go about partaking in this journey is an entirely different story. This is a subject I will never stop talking about because so many are struggling and losing themselves in this daily madness.

Metabolisms may always vary and the dietary requirements needed are all substantially the opposite, none are ever the same, although they are perhaps alike in society’s age of time.

Things like these, I always find myself nervous in speaking about, mainly because the internet can be a petrifying place to be and the comments people read on a daily basis really doesn’t make the situation any less complex. Society wants us to represent two key things; ourselves, but also what other people want to see us be, as human beings. How can one expect to be who they are happily if the outcome is expected to be a different story?


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