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First month is almost over, which brings me back to resolutions. How well did I do, so far?

Well, at first, I was determined as ever to lose weight, amongst other things too. Still- motivated, but less worried about a few extra calories here and there, or the odd birthday cake slice. When I was younger (about 17 or 18) I lost about 4 stone in weight. It felt good watching it all fall off, but my journey to weight-loss ultimately became an obsession, and I am pretty sure it would have turned into an even worse situation if I hadn’t intervened.

Of course, gaining weight was painful, eating was simply unbearable after lasting a good year or two with little portions and endless negative thoughts surrounding my weight. So, when I decided to take a look at my eating habits again, as well as my weight gain, the one thing that I wanted to avoid was a repeat of my previous experience.

Yes, it’s okay to lose weight, it’s okay to gain weight, but when it becomes a self-destructive cycle, for any reason at all, then it’s definitely time to take a step back and figure out where it is heading at this point.

The first step is never easy, and if it’s a daily struggle for you but you still are determined to reach a goal in sake of your own health then I applaud you for it.

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3 thoughts on “health before crash-diets

  1. Obsessions are never good. I hope you’ve found a healthy way of eating and losing weight. And one cake slice won’t kill you! (I am the same – trying to lose a few pounds and am as motivated as ever, but when my friends invite me for a high tea I feel I can safely enjoy that and then go back to my diet the next day.)

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    1. Absolutely agreed! The key to achieving long-term weight loss is to do everything in moderation, not completely restrict. But of course, it’s easy to lose yourself in all of that.

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