hours to years: a journey of life


The 27th of January will always remain close to my heart, for two critical reasons. Even as the years go by, it never fails to keep me grounded, calm and collected, within soul & mind.

Exactly 5 years ago, my youngest sister was born, I can remember it vividly; the holding her at barely 3 hours old, I could barely contain my emotions at that moment in time. To- this present day she amazes me with her intellectual mind and sarcasm, reminds me of when I was little and exactly the same; carefree, happy, a free-spirit in a big and exciting world.

The other reason this date is so important to me is because, it marks 3 years of no self-inflicted pain, and it truly was the day that life changed, emotionally. I know people use different terms when talking about this, but I wanted to make it sound less chaotic, mainly because of the stigma about why people hurt themselves in general.

Like any addiction, it sticks around, whether you let it consume you or not, and it’s not something to be ashamed of. We all have different stories, different scars, flaws and different backgrounds, but that should never stop a person from raising awareness in terms of very sensitive subjects.

We are not defined by our pain.

– mc.

Silence is deafening, more so than ever and I’m sure that
many people will understand that from a human point of view.


But the point is, have an open mind, don’t judge someone based on their past, otherwise you’ll never look beyond the surface. Take your time to know someone truly.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay warm and safe.

Photo credits:
Le Zenits
Sacred & Profane
May Light Always Surround You



One thought on “hours to years: a journey of life

  1. Hi Mila, WordPress tells me you are following my blog. I wish I could have come here earlier but but events got in the way. I do wish you well in your honest assessments, setting out your most important discoveries, not for others so much as yourself. This is what I started doing in April 2006 and it has changed my life (& provided a lasting record too!)

    Your post reminds me of my younger daughter when she was first born . . . and then again when she veered into self-harm at some point in her teens – a silent reproach to her parents. Now she’s a beautiful, happy 27-year-old.

    I feel I’ve gushed too much. Please forgive.


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