bundle of thoughts

Felt inspired enough to update my blog once again. It’s been a beautiful morning as of now, the sky isn’t blue and birds aren’t singing but I feel good, 2017 is great so far!

Still trying to figure out certain things, but hopefully it becomes more straight-forward as the year goes on. I feel great but the one thing that’s constantly on my mind, is the fact that I have no idea where to start with the whole ‘make my poetry book dream a reality’ process. All these years, I’ve spoken about my desire to publish, and this needs to be the year to make it all happen! Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember and although there have been tough times and I didn’t write as much, my heart was still very passionate about words and the power they possess in our daily lives. Also, the year is still young and I want to have a clear picture in my head as early into the year as possible. Main reason is, enough time has been wasted daydreaming, now is the moment to finally live it.

And, a massive thank you to all the ones who have inspired me over the years, the people who have stuck by me in life, believed in me and my poems. It truly means the world, to know that someone cares in general. I’ve never truly had the confidence, don’t think I ever did, but the older you get, the more you appreciate life itself, and it teaches you to reach beyond, emotionally and creatively. I am so grateful for the lessons and blessings in life.

Only time will tell where my journey goes from here, but we’ll see how it goes though!


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