a few belated wishes


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to update my blog in a more consistent matter and I have many plans in doing so, so that I can stick with one of my few personal goals for 2o17.

This was supposed to have been posted earlier than midnight the previous night but I fell asleep like the sleepy and exhausted person I am, so forgive me. Posting it now, though.


It’s been a wonderful start, honestly feels good to have a clean slate, the previous year was quite a challenging one for me, personally, but obstacles are there to overcome and it’s good to always remember that you can’t have a rainbow without sprinkles of rain.

Sure, it will rain on your parade temporarily, but in the long run, you’ll thank yourself that you embraced the challenges and didn’t let them take over what should be a pleasant time in your darling life. That’s one thing I have learned over the past few years or more.


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