I’m usually not the kind of person who likes when a year ends and a new one begins but in my own experience, 2016 has been quite the roller-coaster ride; if I must say so, myself.

Overall, it’s been a year of rewarding experiences but also, one of immense loss and grief, hurt is simply an understatement. Many of my idols passed away, my dearest grandmother did too, and it’s very much a wake-up call, it reminds me that life can end at any point.

But 2016 hasn’t been all bad, I’ve made friends with people beyond my reach, who have encouraged me to conquer my fears and live beyond them, boldly and proudly, I am so eternally grateful for these people. I’m sure you know who you are, and if not-
then I thank you for giving me a reason to keep on fighting no matter what.

They saw me at my worst, but never once did they back away or make my feelings invalid to their own or anyone else’s, instead they guided me through the rough patches, onto the brighter side of life. I’m not entirely healed emotionally but a support system is key to it.

Yes, it’s definitely greener on the other side of things. I highly believe so.


My resolutions for 2017 are personal goals, and I truly hope I will stick to them this time, not give up after a week or two, because that whole cycle is unhealthy, not to mention chaos at its finest. But here are my New Year’s resolutions list:

1. My first goal of the year is to be healthier; emotionally, physically, mentally.

2. My second goal of the year is to save up money and to pay off my debts.

3. My third goal of the year is to publish my poetry, in a book or in parts.

4. My fourth goal of the year is to travel more and experience new things.

5. My fifth goal of the year is to get a domain, update my blog more (a lot more)

6. My sixth and final goal of the year is to radiate positivity, light and feel happier.


I would love to hear your own too, so feel free to comment them down below.

Until next year, fellow wordpressers! Or tomorrow, if I make a quick post.
May the year ahead be a learning curb, and a rewarding one as well.

– Mila.

Welcome to DAYDREAM MADNESS, my sanctuary of thought and peace of mind. A personal blog with a difference. I'm Mila, the creator/writer behind the scenes. Join me on this journey of self-growth, emotive reflection and occasional poetry from yours, truly.

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