cyber monday is the best kind

The one thing I love about this Monday, is the fact that it’s great for when you’re in need of retail therapy. Perhaps money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a lot of wonderful things to fill the void of your emptiness, if only for a temporary moment of happiness.

I kind of impulse bought some Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, mainly for the free International shipping but also because, it’s not often I can afford them. Dare I say it, my first time ever buying any of her products. Thinking of writing a review on them when they arrive, since I’ve never done stuff like that on this blog before. I suppose it’s better than sounding like a mad woman with all these endless thoughts of mine and the rants that go along with it.

Also, I am hoping to finish the poems for my book by the end of this year, so I can actually see a little progress in my journey to publishing some, a lot, or any of it. Being a perfectionist is tough when you’re a writer, or at least if you’re aspiring to be.

Until next time, when I hopefully update you with my review and other news.

Mila. xo


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