words and more words

Don’t know what is worse, emotional pain, verbal or physical? They’re all pretty disheartening for a person to bear, let alone feel. At some points, it feels like it will never go away and other times, you think you’re getting better but it’s all an illusion of sorts.

I’m tired of the same routine; smile, suppress, repeat. It’s a vicious cycle to constantly remind yourself of and it seems to become worse over time, the more you hide it all.

And, I’m not sure verbal abuse from family helps, the people who are supposed to support you, all they do is make you feel guilt and shame for things you shouldn’t feel bad about.

When life gets hard, I tend to turn to writing because even though it feels like I’m talking to myself, it’s certainly more helpful than finding a reliable shoulder to cry on these days.

Oh well, soon it’s Monday, another week I’ll struggle through but smile nonetheless…


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