ego’s in the sand

Two blog posts in a short time, never thought it would happen in 2016 but hello.

I would love to express my thoughts more often, but responsibility
comes first and my blog is second; the unfortunate truth.

Whether this blog stays up in the future, only time will tell
but I hope to keep posting for as long as my hands
can manage to stay on track with me.

I think it’s vital to keep yourself level-headed
when you keep such a personal blog active.

At times, the ego takes over, you become a tad obsessed
with the amount of reads you get and the likes, comments…

It’s kind of impossible not to think about ratios
when you write and hope that it will resonate with
someone who shares your passion.

Simply put, my ego’s in the sand like always.

Take care, peace and love.

– Mila C. xo


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