devil called lust



A girl with a whole heart to spill emotional damage, boys and girls never understood the meaning of her tense demeanor until it punched them in the face. Sinners were no match for this heart of tricks, she took a breath away in seconds and you never forgot her face.

She was intimidating to the point where you had to pinch yourself, because no person could be so mysterious and get away with it. Unpredictable, it was unsettling, you could feel the whole of your sweet mind carefully contemplating each move you made from that point on.

I’ll never hurt you, she said; her voice soft like cotton-candy.

For a moment, you believe it to be true, but you know that it’ll never be like you want it to, lust is a trance, a placebo effect, and once you’re intrigued, it will always remain on your mind.


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