cursed normality


Comfort zones; a maze of no return, it felt like that when you became trapped in the vortex of its grip. I followed rules to the point of madness, not sure if it was my anxiety being triggered or just my brain playing tricks with my emotional balance.

As a child, the last thing you’d ever think about is the chaos inside your head, whether it needed to be addressed or not. I shrugged it off for the next few¬†years, thinking it would fade into nothing because well, I was still learning about emotions in general.

Time passed and I was still in that stage of thought where you contemplate every detail and wonder if you should have spoken about it or kept it inside your heart.

I’m nearly 21 now, and I constantly find myself wrapped up in my own extensive mind collection of thoughts, lucid dreams and unspoken words of recollection.

Not sure where it’ll take me in the future, whether it’ll have any significance at all in my life then. I’m unsure and I probably will always have this state of mind about every little thing, whether it is normal, crazy, expected, or well known.



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