True Colors Of A Cruel Time

I have missed writing on here, with all my heart. Every week that passed by, this urge to write, but it was hard to. It’s a long story…

Maybe later on, I’ll be able to elaborate on my journey at a future time.

Suppressed my emotions recently, and it’s not like me to keep parts of my heart off limits. Perhaps, it’s for the best right now. Until I figure out how to express my current thoughts and feelings regarding this.

As much as I love challenges, I struggled with this one, quite a lot.

But, I am grateful for the hardest times,
because they make you see things in a whole, different light.

My second book has been out nearly three months, how crazy is that?!

But anyway, I hope to write more posts in the coming months. Hopefully, things will have improved by then. One can keep their hopes up, can’t they?

Have a blessed and beautiful Monday day/night.

Mila. xo


2 thoughts on “True Colors Of A Cruel Time

  1. I was surfing through thr Reader and saw two of your posts. I had some anxiety problems 15 or so years ago
    My fear we’re 3 giants=people in my life. Went to a Christian counselor who really helped. By the end of the counseling, it was concluded that I had an addiction to relationships! I wanted to be everyone’s best friend. Along with that, I was encouraged to take “risks” by standing up to my giants–which I did. Praise God, I am anxiety free!
    To change the subject, and if you don’t mind, can you please tell me where you found the watch image on this post? I am trying to learn more about the functions, amenities and language of WP blogging. I am somewhat confused about themes and format. I have read/listened to some tutorials, but still don’t understand all of it.
    If you like, as as a writer, can you visit my blog, Though the Flower Fades @ and let me know what you think.
    I wish you peace joy.


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