Stress, Poor Health & Milestones (250 Followers!)

Hello again! It’s been a while. Sorry for my lack of activity in the past week. 

I really wanted to update my blog sooner, but recently, my poor health and lack
of inspiration has left me feeling quite unmotivated and I felt like it was important to let myself relax and not stress myself in regards to writing.

As much as I would like to get on with things, I also know that health is a priority and to be at your best, you also have to feel your best.

Like I mentioned not long ago, writing has been put on hold for the most part, the same goes for my book right now, recent events have left me feeling like I have had a change of heart, in terms of what my vision of it all should be, and if it’s not completed by mid-April, then the publishing date and the release date will be postponed, because I don’t want to rush my second book project, this means a lot to me and it’s a very honest and personal display of thoughts and poetry.

The same goes for my book cover art, the excerpts, the content, the title and meaning behind the work. It all has to fit together and you can’t necessarily rush personal art forms more than what is recommended.

If you can finish something in a day or a week, then it’s a wonderful thing, each project is different, whether it’s writing or painting or sculpting. Art should not be rushed, it should be embraced for its flaws and you should take your time with it. That’s at least my opinion on things.

Since I’m updating my blog now, I’d like to thank the ones who helped me reach 250 followers as of today! And to the ones who recently subscribed to DAYDREAM MADNESS via email, hello and welcome! I hope to get to know you all much better in the year that’s ahead of us. Talk to you soon. Or tomorrow, if I get a post written by then. Take care!



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