Living In The Now For A While

So good to finally be updating DAYDREAM MADNESS yet again…

It’s been more quiet than usual on this blog, but it’s only because I have been on antibiotics since Monday. Not going to lie, the side-effects have been awful at times.

This blog will be updated more frequently soon. I promise!

I felt it was necessary to give myself a little break from here and try and get myself back to my usual self again. Well, almost. A girl can definitely try her best to feel better soon.

May better moments be on the horizon sooner than one might think.

Still quite tired and not so productive as of now, hopefully in time, my mind will be sharp and ready to do a lot of wonderful things!

Early days, but I’m confident that, with a little TLC, one should be feeling quite okay.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Speak to you soon, bye for now.


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