Writing Session #17

After a cup (or two) of caffeine beverages, I feel like myself again. Writing this quite late because I’ve had migraines all day and because, with all chores that needed to be done, I was kind of stressing myself a little too much. But, I’m here and number 17 is being written. That’s the main thing: getting it done, whether it’s too early or too late in the day.

First thing’s first – I’ve realized that I can’t live without caffeine for 24 hours…

Yes, my body is terribly addicted. Not to the point of intervention, but I definitely think I do function better with it. Plus, no person wants the withdrawal symptoms attached.

Another thing that I have found interesting – I am incredibly inspired lately…

In the past, I guess I found it hard to find that creative spark. But, with all this new inspiration that comes and grows with you, writing seems easier in terms of flow and natural movement. Might share new material on the blog soon, but that’s yet to be decided.

Tomorrow’s post will be written and published soon, I promise. Farewell for now!



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