Writing Session #16

Let me start this off by saying a big thank you to the ones who have followed my blog over the years and just know that today is no different. Forever grateful for each and every person. Still hard to believe I’ve reached 200. That’s way more than I ever thought my blog would get.



A year ago, this would seem far in the distance. I do certainly have small goals in place for DAYDREAM MADNESS, not idealistic or unrealistic ones, just the kind of general goals that I know will gradually, but surely, happen.

Whether it’s a new follower, or more traffic than usual, little progress is still progress at the end of it. And it’s important not to take any of it for granted, especially when you have a personal blog. It’s all about connecting with your readers and being in sync with their individual self. Have a wonderful afternoon! 


3 thoughts on “Writing Session #16

  1. I quite agree with you, dear girl;
    though I haven’t got even 40 followers by now, but that’s an achievement too!


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