Writing Session #14

We’re almost halfway through October already, but that’s not always a bad thing if you think about it. Basically means that Christmas and New Year is around the corner, quite frankly.


I wanted to put together this post quite early on, because I feel like it’s all rushed otherwise. But anything that I do write about is not just meaningless stuff. It definitely varies, from talking about my day, or the music I listen to, my thoughts and my emotive thoughts of the moment.

That’s what DAYDREAM MADNESS is all about. Self-expression beyond the box. A chance to live in alternate universes of mind, imagination and depth. I am a known daydreamer, a lover of all things weird, complex.


It was the main reason for creating this blog in the first place. I wanted a sanctuary for my evolving soul and heart. At first, it was more for therapeutic reasons, as a coping method, to stay on the right track. But now, there’s a deeper meaning to it all which is something beautiful.

Every person should have a platform to be open about how they feel, about what makes them the individual people they are. It’s all about being willing to see things from another’s perspective and insight. Often, we’re told to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” and for the most part, I completely agree with that.


What might seem like a walk in the park for some, could be entirely different for the other. So, instead of judging people for who they are, we should walk side by side and support one another.

Sorry for the lack of imaging and the amount of word count on most of the posts I compose. I like to focus on the written point. Speaking from the heart is such an important part of DAYDREAM MADNESS. I believe honesty is key for me. A personal blog should be a representation of the person you are, in the most humane way possible.

Well, this certainly makes up for the lack of content in the last week or so of my daily writing sessions. And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. I must admit, it’s been an incredible few years writing on here. Nearly my third year too. What a fun time, indeed.

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