There are some people who dislike Mondays. Me? I personally do not like Sundays. At all.
Here’s a small list, as to why it’s my least favorite day of the week, more so than others…

5 reasons why I don’t like Sundays:


1. There’s no mail to receive. Well, because, Sunday. Of course!

2. It’s clearly not a good day when your phone decides to mess up (again).

3. All emotions come lingering at the worst possible times, ever.

4. Creative inspiration is basically non-existent when this day comes.

5. That feeling, when the weekend’s about to end and you’re like, please don’t.

For some reason, Sunday hasn’t been the nicest to me. It always makes me the most emotional, awkward, lonely person on Earth. And it’s not because I’m single and possibly will be a cat lady in the future, although that might give me some kind of closure, indeed.

I was hoping to write a more optimistic piece of writing, or a poetic verse, but I guess this will have to do, until the next creative streak. Take care, everyone. Have a good night!

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