Picking Up The Pieces Of You

Found myself designing a lot of banners and introductory headers for my future and thought I’d use one for my new post. I’m not sure why, but I love the title I thought of today.

Might use it again, in the near future, just in case I want to write a book based upon self-help, changing perspectives and destructive mindsets etc. But, there is still time to make a start of it all. Oh, I have endless idea concepts within. My mind capacity should be full…

Well, my words clearly have no end, or particular meaning. I guess that’s why my blog will forever be personal, slightly awkward, lacking structure and depth. Writing from the almighty heart has always been the objective in regards to my content, which is another reason as to why I’ve stayed true to my sanctuary. It brings me comfort, truly.

The title above does have meaning. I wanted to keep this short, because I’ll be putting up a different kind of post tomorrow. It’ll be a more in-depth talk about what it all means to be “picking up the pieces” and “making yourself happier, not bitter”. Until next time, all.


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